• Tree Roots And Sewer Lines: What You Need To Know

    One of the biggest problems that affects sewer main lines are tree roots. The roots can cause extensive damage if ignored. Types of Root Damage There are two types of damage caused by roots -- external and internal damage. External damage is either a result of pressure placed on the sewer pipe by the roots or of soil changes caused by the roots. Roots can wrap around and even crush a sewer pipe in some instances, causing major and often irreparable damage.
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  • 3 Common Water Pipe Repair Issues You Should Watch Out For

    Any problem with the water pipes connected to your home may cause an unplanned disruption to your water supply.  If you're experiencing water supply interruptions in your home and have confirmed that the interruptions haven't been scheduled by your water supply service, it's likely that there's a problem with your water pipes. Here are some common water pipe problems that can cause your taps to start running dry. Burst Pipes 
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