Having Second Thoughts About Second Sinks? Take A Look At Potential Uses

Posted on: 18 July 2016

If you've been wondering if a second sink in your kitchen would be an advantage or a disadvantage, that's not unusual. Second sinks are becoming more common in homes -- these are actual second full sinks, and not just double-basin sinks -- and many find them quite convenient. However, these can take up counter space and create some other issues of their own. The potential uses you could get out of a second sink, as well as how often you'd use it, will help you make up your mind.

Extra Plumbing

One thing to keep in mind as you decide, though, is that the second sink will require extra plumbing to be installed. You can't really pop a sink basin into a hole in the counter and stick a pipe through the floor. So you have to be prepared to have additional pipes and an additional drain installed, and that drain has to be connected to the home's main drain. If you're willing to have that done, considering a second sink is a good idea.

Separate Cooking

If you live with housemates, have a spouse who likes to cook his or her own meals, or have a boarder staying with you who is responsible for his or her own meals, a second sink can be a total blessing. There doesn't have to be competition between people to use the sink for washing up or rinsing vegetables, and for cases like the boarder, he or she can claim the second, smaller sink as his or her own. If you have only one kitchen sink, then everyone trying to cook at the same time would have to form a line to use the sink.

No Loss of Use

Even if you're the only person cooking in your home, a second sink can have some advantages. If the main sink in your kitchen develops problems, for example, you'll still have a kitchen sink that you can use. You won't have to worry about trying to wash out plates in the bathroom sink.

Frequency of Use

Do take a look at how frequently you think you'll use the second sink. In some cases, like the housemate situation, it might see frequent use, but if you are just keeping it around as a spare sink and don't plan to use it often, then you'll have to remember to occasionally run the water. If you leave a sink alone for a prolonged period of time, the plug of water in the S-curve in the pipe under the sink can dry up. If that happens, sewer gases can start to come up through the sink drain, stinking up the kitchen. So if you do have a second sink installed, remember to run the water in the second sink every so often.

Talk to a plumber about installing the sink and all its related plumbing. The plumber can evaluate your kitchen and let you know if the job would be easy or if it would require some remodeling.


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