You Bought Your First Home: 2 Emergency Plumbing Problems You Should Watch Out For

Posted on: 6 July 2016

If you just bought your first home, you might not be aware of all the maintenance it's going to require. Unfortunately, that maintenance can seem like a never ending task after a while. One of the tasks that you'll need to keep up on will be the plumbing. One minor issue with your plumbing can quickly snowball into a major dilemma. This is particularly true of pipe issues. If you develop problems with those, you could be looking at a major plumbing emergency. Here are two plumbing emergencies you should always be on the lookout for.

Leaking Pipes

You might not know this, but you have a system of water pipes that run throughout your home and underneath it. Because they're hidden, you won't always know that you have a problem until it's too late. Once a hidden leak is big enough for you to see, you may have already suffered structural damage to your home – especially if the leak is under the foundation or in the walls.

One way to tell if you have a leaky pipe is to monitor your water bill. If your bill continues to rise each month, even though you're using less water, chances are that you have a leaky pipe somewhere. Another way to tell is to look for signs throughout your home, such as the following:

  • Wet spots on your walls
  • Moldy smell inside your home
  • Moisture coming up through your garage floor

Damaged Water or Sewer Lines

The water and sewer lines that run to and from your home can be damaged by tree roots. This happens when small tap roots spread out from nearby trees in search of water. Once the small tap roots locate your water and sewer lines, they gain access through spaces in the pipe joints. These small tap roots continue to grow until they become too large to fit inside the pipes. When that happens, your water and sewer lines will begin to crumble under the pressure. If you have trees growing in your yard, especially near your home, you should watch for signs of root invasion. Some of the signs include:

  • Frequent clogs in your drains
  • Diminished water pressure
  • Slow-flushing toilets

Now that you own your own home, you want to make sure everything works properly. If you develop any of the problems described above, including increased water bills, water spots on your walls, or sluggish drains, be sure to contact a plumber as soon as possible.


Avoiding Plumbing Problems

After we purchased a brand new place, I was blown away with how many plumbing problems it had. It seemed like every time we turned around, there was another issues with a sink, a toilet, or a shower. After doing a little research, we discovered that the home had been having trouble with plumbing for quite some time, and we knew that we needed to fix things. We decided to have a professional plumber come in and completely overhaul our system, and that decision was absolutely the right one to make. This blog is dedicated to avoiding plumbing issues the first time around.

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