Living Without A Water Heater

Posted on: 5 July 2016

The hot water heater was not always an integral part of life. Several generations back, a bath meant heating water on the stove and pouring it into a tin tub. Now we are used to stepping into the shower and having a delightfully warm stream of water embrace our bodies. Then comes the morning when the water heater blows up. You may have to wait a day or two to have it fixed or replaced. How can you possibly survive in the meantime?


The hardiest folks may just grit their teeth and stand in the stream of ice cold water for a quick shower. If you embrace this route, you can choose from several strategies to survive. One is to sing loudly and clap your hands to distract yourself and keep your circulation going. You can even torso dance: keep your feet still while doing your best music video moves. You need to keep your feet firmly on the floor so as not to slip. You can also imagine that you are swimming in a mountain pond. After a five minute cold shower, you will be alert and ready to tackle the day.

Wipe Off

The wipe off differs from the sponge bath. This method is your best bet when you have about ten minutes to make yourself presentable. Find a thick cloth and wet it thoroughly. Then put it in the microwave for a minute. You can then quickly wash yourself head to toe in warm comfort. Obviously, your hair will have to go unwashed, but throw it in a messy bun or add some product. If you are a hat person, it'll be a good time to bring one out.

Work Out

Some people save on hot water all year long by showering only at the gym. If you have a gym membership, pack up your toiletries, work up a sweat, and then treat yourself to a hot shower and luxurious shampoo. You may like this routine so much that you keep it after the plumber has fixed your hot water heater problem.

Most people find it quite difficult to live without a hot water heater, even for a brief period of time. Although you won't really be roughing it, you can survive what seems like a big inconvenience by incorporating a few strategies. You might even find some benefits to the cold shower. You will definitely be wide awake. You will also appreciate your new water heater when it's installed.

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