How Will Installing A Water Softener Benefit You In The Long Run?

Posted on: 28 June 2016

Have you been told that you have hard water and that it would be best to install a water softener? With the price of water softening systems starting around $400, it might be tempting to ignore this advice. However, your plumber or contractor really does have your best interests at heart when he or she recommends a water softener. If you heed this advice, you can look forward to the following benefits in the years to come:

Appliances Will Last Longer

 If you have hard water, appliances that use water, such as your coffee maker and ice dispenser, will develop mineral deposits. Once these deposits grow large enough, you'll need to replace the appliance because water just won't flow through it anymore. With a water softener, these minerals are removed from your water before it flows through the pipes in your house. So, your appliances won't accumulate mineral deposits and will last much longer.

Your Pipes Won't Develop Lime Scale

Mineral deposits can also form in your pipes when you have hard water, forming a residue known as lime scale. These deposits tend to start around the joints between pipes where there is a bit of a rough surface for the minerals to cling to. Eventually, the lime scale may block the pipe completely, and you may need to have the pipe replaced, which is an expensive and extensive project.

Your Skin Will Feel Softer

The minerals in hard water tend to build up on your skin and hair. They draw moisture out of your skin and hair, making them feel dry and itchy. When you soften your water, you'll very soon notice how much softer your skin and hair feel. You'll be able to use less lotion.

You Won't Need As Much Soap or Detergent

The minerals in hard water impede the foaming action of shampoos, soaps and detergents. If you've been using hard water for a while, you may not notice the lack of foam because you're used to it. However, as soon as your water is softened, you'll notice how much less soap you need to generate a dense, lush foam. You, your dishes, and your clothes will stay cleaner and you won't have to buy as many cleaning products.

If your plumber has recommended you get a water softener installed, it is best to heed this advice. Your appliances, pipes, and personal health will all benefit from the purchase.


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