Use Sight, Sound, And Smell To Pick Up On Toilet Seal Leaks

Posted on: 27 June 2016

Mysterious plumbing leaks can and do occur in the average home. A broken seal in the wax ring connecting a second-floor toilet to the plumbing lines could lead cause leaks when the toilet flushes. A leak from a broken toilet seal may not be easy to pick up on until significant amounts of water accumulate. Then, the problems becomes impossible not to see. All the accumulated water eventually causes a ceiling to sag and break apart leading to water flooding into the lower floor. Using two other senses helps with being on the alert for not-so-obvious leaks helps with fixing things long before the damage becomes extensive.

Two Other Important Senses

The eyes are not the only things that tell a tale. The nose and ears may reveal:

  • Smells

A leak from a plumbing like carrying water from the toilet to a sewer line is likely to come with a foul odor. If the leak is occurring in between the bathroom floor and the first floor's ceiling, visual cues won't be so obvious. A lingering odor, however, will be a sign something is not right with the plumbing lines and the toilet's plumbing connections should be checked out.

If the broken seal disrupts a line for water coming into the toilet tank, the clean water won't have an odor. Homeowners have to be vigilant for auditory clues for a leak.

  • Sounds

Any sounds of dripping in the ceiling should be taken incredibly seriously. Since water only runs through the lines when the toilet is flushed, the dripping is only going to be intermittent. Lines that do not hold water under pressure will stop leaking when all the water runs out. When they fill up again, the leak returns. The problem won't go away when the dripping stops. Again, the dripping will return the second the toilet is again flushed. Anyone who hears light drips after flushing a toilet should take this as a warning a seal leak of some kind is present.

Since the leak is hidden away, there may be additional unforeseen damage in between the ceiling and floor. So never ignore the red flags the senses are waving.

Time to Call Professional Plumbing Services

When the ears and nose raise suspicions and the eyes notice ceiling stains or other aberrations, the time has arrived to call a plumber. A plumbing service should be able to quickly ascertain the trouble and quickly perform the right fix.


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