Planning A Summer Vacation? Prepare Your Plumbing Before You Leave

Posted on: 22 June 2016

Heading off on a summer vacation is a great way to relax, but that relaxation will come to an abrupt end if you arrive home to find your house flooded! Thankfully, most plumbing issues can be prevented by taking a few preparatory precautions before you leave.

Shut off the main water supply.

If a pipe bursts in your home while you're away, water will keep running out of it until you return home and turn off the water main. So save yourself from a potential headache and turn the water main off now. This will stop all water flow through your pipes. If there is some sort of a disaster, like a storm or accident that harms your pipes, at least no water will escape while you're away.

The water main is usually found in the basement. It typically has a short lever that you turn until it's perpendicular to the pipe in order to turn it off.

Make sure the sump pump is working.

Even if your basement has never had water in it before, Murphy's Law predicts this will happen for the first time while you're on vacation. Make sure the power to your sump pump is turned on. Then, dump a bucket of water into the sump pump pit and make sure the pump turns on to pump it out. If the pump does not turn on and operate, call a plumber to make sure you have it working properly before you leave. Otherwise, you may come home to a basement full of water.

Look for water heater leaks.

Even with the water main shut off, there will be water sitting in your hot water tank. Look around the tank and make sure there are no drips or puddles of water. What starts as a little leak in your hot water heater can turn into a massive leak in no time, and you don't want this to happen when you're away. If you suspect a leak in the tank, now is the time to have your plumber come fix it.

Make plans for a family member to come check on your home.

Even with the water main off and the sump pump checked, there is a chance of flooding if there's a big storm and the pump fails or can't keep up. Make plans to have a friend or family member come check in on your home a few times while you're gone. Tell them how to get in touch with you if they spot an issue with the plumbing or any other emergency. For more tips on how to prepare, check out websites like or contact a plumber.


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