Water Pump Servicing Is Important Under These Three Circumstances

Posted on: 17 June 2016

If you rely on a well to supply fresh water to your home, you need to be mindful of conditions that could be signalling that water pump servicing is needed. Ignoring potential issues could result in a minor well pump repair becoming a major issue that involves extensive repairs or replacements. The following are three potential issues you may experience with your water pump that may require immediate attention. 

Low Water Pressure

This is an issue that could be related to your water tank, pump, blockages in the plumbing system, or issues with fittings and hoses. Due to the various issues that can cause this problem, it is best to let a professional make the diagnosis because there may be more than one problem causing the pressure problems. You can perform a quick inspection around your water tank and pipes in your home. If there are no signs of leaks, your water pump may the culprit and not pumping at the correct capacity, which can impact pressure.  

Well Not Pumping Water

There are two things you can check yourself if your well is not pumping water. You will need to check to see if it is an electrical issue or a blockage around the pump that is causing your issue. Simply check your circuit breaker to ensure that it has not tripped and therefore is not providing electricity to your well pump. If it has tripped, reset it to see if your pump resumes working. If you rule out an electrical issue, you will need to inspect the area around the pump. Remove any debris that may be interfering with the pump's operation. Turn the pump off and back on in an attempt to reset it. 

Pump Continuously Running or Short Cycling

If your pump gets to the point where it is always running, it is a sign that the pump may be reaching the end of its lifecycle. A faulty sensor or shutoff switch can also cause this phenomenon. Short cycling regardless of whether water is needed or not is a sign that you could have a tank issue, but repeated and unnecessary cycling could damage your water pump if the tank issue is not resolved. 

A well pump repair professional is the best resource to use if your well appears to be performing strangely. They can pinpoint what is causing your issue, and replace parts as needed. Even if you are certain that your well pump is reaching the end of its lifecycle and will need to be replaced, waiting until it completely malfunctions could result in you having to go a short period of time without water or affect other parts of the well system.


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