Choosing The Right Toilet Paper For Your Septic System

Posted on: 15 June 2016

If you have a septic tank, you are probably quite conscientious about what you introduce into the drain. What you dispose of in the bathroom is particularly important, since certain substances can help clog up your tank, meaning you have to have it pumped more often. In some instances, a clogged septic tank can fail along with your drainfield. As a result, you may wonder about the effect of toilet paper on your system. If you are concerned about blocking your tank, you can make "safer" choices about your toilet paper usage.

No Toilet Paper

Of course, you should use toilet paper, but you may choose not to flush it. Instead, you can dispose of it in a wastebasket lined with plastic. In fact, people in many areas of Mexico almost never flush their toilet paper into the system in order to protect their septic tanks. While this action will temporarily reduce the solids in your system, it may not help much in the long run. If you choose certain types of toilet paper, you may have fewer problems because they tend to degrade rather quickly.

Toilet Paper Types

If you choose a particularly thick brand or one that is infused with lotions, it may not break down very quickly, potentially filling up your tank. For help in selecting the right toilet paper brand for your system, you can seek out the results of "disintegration" tests. Flushable wipes are almost never a good idea for your septic tank because they simply do not disintegrate. If you have an infant, it's important not to flush their wipes and certainly not their diapers. 

Another way to minimize the strain on your septic tank is to follow the recommendations of the National Sanitation Foundation. The NSF conducts tests on a regular basis to determine the safest brands of toilet paper for your septic system. When you purchase toilet paper, look for the NSF logo on the package. Of course, using easily degradable paper doesn't mean you will never have septic issues, but your odds will improve. 

If you have a septic system, you should be able to flush a reasonable amount of toilet paper into it. You can minimize the solids in your tank by choosing paper that will disintegrate quickly. Although you may long for the comfort of thick, soft tissue, you should probably settle for something a little less luxurious if you have a septic tank.

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