AC Keeps Shutting Off Without Reaching The Right Temperature? Clean The Drainage Line On Your Evaporator Coil

Posted on: 15 June 2016

If your air conditioning system keeps turning off without reaching the temperature set by your thermostat, check and clean the drainage, condensate, line attached to the evaporator coil. The line is designed to empty excess water from the condensate pan to keep the system running smoothly. But sometimes, the condensate line clogs up with debris and fails to work properly. In this case, the sensory device, or float switch, inside the line shuts down the cooling system until some of the water drains out of the pan, then it switches the system back on. The problem can persist until you remove the clog. Here's how you remove the clog.

Obtain Your Cleaning Supplies 

To unclog and clean the drainage line, you'll need to get a few things, including a long cleaning brush with a thin head and small bristles, a large waterproof tarp and a 32-ounce bottle of white vinegar. Vinegar has acids that break down mold, algae and dirt. If one or more of these things clogged up the condensate line, vinegar will help remove them.

Also, obtain a circulating fan to keep down the fumes produced by vinegar and a large container to hold the water that pours from the drainage line and pan during the cleaning. Although vinegar is safe, it can produce strong fumes that can irritate your eyes and lungs for some people. The fan will help circulate fresh air into the closet.

Now, you can move forward with the next step of your project.

Remove the Clog

Before you work on the drainage line, cut power to the cooling system at the circuit breaker and thermostat to avoid electrical injuries to the skin and body. Next, cover the closet's flooring completely with the tarp. If you have any electrical appliances or fixtures in the closet, remove them as well. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. Place the fan on high speed, then allow it to blow inside the closet.
  2. Detach the white PVC drainage line from the condensate pan. 
  3. Remove the pan slowly, then empty the contents into your large container. Place the pan to the side until later. 
  4. Pour half of the vinegar down the line, then wait a few minutes for the acids to break through the clog.
  5. Stick the end of the brush down the line, then move it back and forth to clean out the line.
  6. Flush out the line with the rest of your vinegar. 
  7. Remove the cleaning supplies and tarp, then replace the pan and drainage line. 
  8. Return power to your cooling system.

Wait to see if the cooling system reaches the temperature set by your thermostat before it shuts down. If the system doesn't turn off before it reaches the right temperature, you solved the issue.

If the system shuts off before reaching the right temperature, contact an air conditioning repair service, such as Doctor Fix-It.


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