Fruit Flies Coming Out Of Your Sink? 3 Methods For Getting Rid Of Them

Posted on: 13 June 2016

Fruit flies can be incredibly annoying to have in your home, with them seeming to appear out of nowhere. You can try all the usual tricks, such as putting away vegetables and fruits on your countertops or using traps, but that may not do the trick of removing them for good. Chances are that you have overlooked your kitchen's sink. That food waste that is stuck in the pipe or garbage disposal could be the source of the fruit flies. Here are some ways to get rid of them.

Boil Water or Vinegar

An easy method to start with is to use boiling water. Simply pour it into the drain to kill all those pesky fruit flies. As an alternative, you could boil apple cider vinegar with which will leave behind a pleasant smell after it goes down the drain.

This method is known to be effective because it will kill all of the flies as well as their eggs. Keep in mind that it could take a couple tries to remove all the fruit flies and eggs, and not following it up with several treatments could cause the fruit flies to return when the new eggs hatch.

Use Bleach

If you need to clean something, bleach is usually a reliable household item that you can use. This includes using bleach to remove the fruit flies in your kitchen sink. The bleach will kill off the flies and eggs in a similar method as the boiling water or vinegar, but the bleach will also disinfect your garbage disposal or drain at the same time.

To use bleach, simply pour it down your drain, following it a couple minutes later with water. You can also mix the bleach and water together and pour it all down at once. It may even help to alternate between methods on different days, such as the boiling water method. Just make sure to not use vinegar in the rotation if you decide to do so.

Hire Professional Cleaning

When the DIY methods are not working, you should consider calling a professional to handle it for you. A plumber will help clear out the organic material that is in your drains that could be harvesting the fruit flies. It could involve snaking out your drains to remove all of that organic waste that has become stuck to the outer walls of the pipe. In the end, the fruit flies will be gone and your drains will empty much faster.


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