A Brief Overview Of Aerobic Septic Systems

Posted on: 9 June 2016

The traditional septic tank uses anaerobic bacteria in order to consume the solids in waste water as the start of the water purification system. There is another choice. That is an aerobic system. The aerobic septic system loves oxygen and needs it in order to work. 

Anaerobic Septic Systems

Anaerobic septic systems generally have two chambers, one where the waste water first comes in and the solids are handled and a second chamber where the water goes when the solids have settled and are no longer a significant presence in the waste water. Once the water goes into the second chamber, it gets purified a little more and then goes out into the leach field in order to let nature finish the purification process before the water rejoins the ground water. 

Aerobic Septic Systems

Instead of just two chambers, an aerobic septic system has three or more chambers. It's more common that these septic systems will have four chambers. Each of those chambers has a specific job. In a four chamber system, the chambers, in order, are the pre-treatment chamber, the aerobic chamber, the clarifier chamber, and the pump tank. A three chamber system will get rid of the pre-treatment chamber. 

Pre-Treatment Chamber

In the pre-treatment chamber, the solids in the incoming waste water are trapped, as are things like grease. The pre-treatment chamber of the aerobic septic system is like an anaerobic septic tank because it contains anaerobic bacteria that will eat the trapped solids.

Aerobic Chamber

The aerobic chamber is where the real work starts. Oxygen is pumped down into the chamber to help the aerobic bacteria grow and do their job. Those bacteria start to destroy the solids in the waste water. Most of the solids are destroyed in this stage, but not all. 

Clarifying Chamber

Because of the fact that there may still be some solids or residue left in the waste water, it goes into a clarifying chamber. In this chamber, the waste water is able to sit so that any remaining solids can settle to the bottom of the tank. After sitting in the clarification chamber, the water then goes to the pump tank. 

Pump Tank

In the pump tank, the water is treated with a highly concentrated form of chlorine that has been designed specifically to treat waste water. The chlorine kills off any nasty germs waiting in the water, and then it is pumped out into the absorption field. At this point, the water is pure enough that sprinkler heads may be used to get the water out into the absorption field. 

A septic system is used if you don't live on a sewer line. An aerobic system may be the right one for you. 


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